Kemal is the York Centre NDP candidate for the 2021 Canadian federal election. He is a disabled McMaster Engineering graduate, small business owner, pending patent holder, and former Deloitte software engineer who has advocated for free speech, information privacy, and accessibility within the tech industry. At 27-years old, Kemal understands issues that affect youth and millennials and knows that housing is a top priority; he is a newlywed, and is struggling to afford to live in the riding. As much as he loves spending time in his parents’ garden, he’s going to need his own space to start a family. He has been the sole candidate attending housing referendums in York Centre and has major concerns with the 25% increase in housing inflation within one year. 

Kemal believes in a 4 step approach to politics: LEAD

  • Listening to opinions
  • Empowering citizens to help themselves
  • Advising citizens about other perspectives
  • Defending the voices in the community

Choose Kemal to make your voice heard in parliament.